The Story of NeuFit

The story of NeuFit dates back to 2007, when Salpeter, who was studying physics and engineering and playing college hockey, suffered a wrist injury that required surgery. However, a chiropractic neurologist introduced him to functional neurology and early forms of DC devices as an alternative treatment. Salpeter used himself as a test subject and was able to heal his ligaments in just three weeks using DC devices, enabling him to avoid surgery and return to hockey.

This sparked his interest in the nervous system and how it could be used to help people heal. He even started treating some of his hockey teammates in his dorm room with DC devices, noticing better results compared to AC devices and traditional therapy.

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To further his knowledge, Salpeter dedicated himself to self-study and took graduate level neuroscience classes. In 2009, he opened his first clinic in a small room within a chiropractor's office. As he gained more experience, he became convinced that he could create a more effective device to help people recover. In 2015, he started developing the Neubie® device, and NeuFit was eventually launched in 2017. Since then, the company has experienced significant growth and has helped thousands of people unlock their healing potential and achieve significant results.

Core Values

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Focus on Solutions

At NeuFit, we believe that all of our clients have the innate ability to heal, evolve, and thrive.

Together, we strive to accomplish shared objectives through collaboration.

We value a culture of creativity and consistent progress.

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Lead by Example

We prioritize living a healthy lifestyle that aligns with our values and goals.

We are committed to consistently putting in our best effort in all tasks and endeavors.

We approach each day with energy and enthusiasm.

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Success Through The Success of Others

We succeed when practitioners succeed and patients experience great outcomes.

We respect the potential and significance of every individual.

We consistently strive to exceed expectations.